Music composer and producer, possibly for your next project.


Hi! I'm a 20 year old composer & producer, currently living in London, England.

I've been working on and off on all sorts of music, ranging from music for myself, to music for various video games. If you're interested in listening to some of my past work, I highly recommend you sift through my past work!

If you're at all interested in commissioning a song from me, or hiring me for your video game project (in other words, you need a soundtrack), please contact me.


Original work:

NOTE: This is not everything I've ever done, I can't provide a complete list of everything I've done in this grid list. If you want to find out even more, I recommend surfing through my YouTube, my SoundCloud and my Bandcamp pages. Those are all bound to have more or less complete catalogues of all my music.

Remix and cover work:

Disclaimer: I own none of the content under the "Remix and cover work" section. I remixed all these songs here purely because I enjoy the original works a ton. Please support the respective artists and publishers by buying their releases.

Contact Information

Typically I respond within a day or two (at worst). There's a pretty good chance I'll get back to you in a manner of hours, but that might not always be the case.

While you can contact me for just about anything, if you're contacting me about a commission or something similar, please do take some time to prepare a few references or a description (both are preferrable).

That all said, you can contact me via a DM on Twitter (recommended) or via traditional email.

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