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Hi!!! I'm MelonadeM, but you can call me Mel if you wish!

If you're here and you just want to contact me or see my past work, please do so!

I'm a 20 years old transgirl (she/her), and I've been making and producing music for close to ten years at this point. Currently I reside within England, and it's a pretty sweet place all things considered.

On and off I've been doing a lot of stuff music related, whether it's for an album I eventually want to put out, a single, a small contribution to another project, soundtracks for games, I'm pretty flexible with what I can do. I'm also a huge fan of late 80s to early 00's hardware, when it comes to music hardware - I'm still building that rack up!

Otherwise, I often enjoy going out for a walk, just to freshen up my mind a bit every day, it really helps with not being stressed, I found. Pixel art is something I also rather like making, even though I don't do it often enough... actually, art in general inspires me - one of my inspirations is Bob Ross - his oil canvas paintings evoke feelings of serendipity, when he just paints a very nice landscape, while he's taking you through that journey, you feel like you can just sit there and analyze every detail. His personality matches that and then some, his soft and friendly tone used throughout the show is one of the very few things on TV that actually stirs feelings within me. That and the painting he eventually finishes finish up a double-team combo of peacefulness that in turn destresses me and reduces my anxiety.

If it's not art, it's technology. I very much enjoy tech and seeing how it all works, and I have hopes that one day, eventually, I will be able to contribute to it. I'm not a fan of everything tech, but I enjoy a good chunk of it, seeing how it directly impacts us in positive ways, and making sure there's as few negatives.

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It looks like you made it here by accident. If you want to get an up-to-date portfolio, go to my portfolio site!

Original work:

NOTE: This is not everything I've ever done, I can't provide a complete list of everything I've done in this grid list. If you want to find out even more, I recommend surfing through my YouTube, my SoundCloud and my Bandcamp pages. Those are all bound to have more or less complete catalogues of all my music.

Remix and cover work:

Disclaimer: I own none of the content under the "Remix and cover work" section. I remixed all these songs here purely because I enjoy the original works a ton. Please support the respective artists and publishers by buying their releases.

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